Sunday, March 16, 2014

5 Things not to forget to turn the world

More and more people decide to take a sabbatical year or a few months in order to achieve their life's journey: A world tour. However, such a journey is not to be considered lightly and here are 5 things to remember to make its world tour.
1 / A round the world ticket
This seems obvious, but the best way to go around the world to purchase a special ticket. there are two main types:
The multi-destination tickets : You can choose between several destinations around the world and you make your choice of course. They cost between 1,000 and 1,500 euros and generally included a reduction of 50% on each flight from those anticipated.
Tickets Inter-Alliance : Much more rare, they include a set of flight for a specific alliance for a period defined number.
2 / A backpack well studied

Your world tour will last longer and you will certainly have to go through different countries and climates. So we have to tidy his backpack  not collapse under the luggage.
Tips : Expect the essential survival (first care kit, toiletries, some clothing, electronic devices, ...) the rest you buy locally in thrift stores.
3 / Documents Update
Again to reduce worries and enjoy maximum control all key documents are up to date:
Your Passport :
- Enough room for Visas (make advance if necessary)
- Do not expire during your stay.
 Your international license:
- Free but aside time to do it.
- Checker expiration date.
Book your international vaccination:
- Are you vaccinated against tropical diseases?
- make your request in a (or almost immediate) approved center
Tip : Made a photo or photocopy of your identity and other papers and send you mail like that you can access it easily in case of theft or loss.
4 / A good insurance
Remember that if you leave the French territory for more than 3 months you are not covered by the return of your credit card insurance nor the CPAM. Then it is to maintain insurance as the world tour with Mondial Assistance insurance or other.
Prices range another 30 to 50 euros per month depending on the services offered. It is an investment but when you see the scope of health services in some countries you will be glad in case ...
5 / Your address book
One last thing: Do not forget your address book to send postcards to all those you love from around the globe.
Enjoy and bon voyage

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