Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spend a weekend on the Ile de Ré

Welcome to the kingdom of bicycles on this small island off the coast of La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast. L'ile de Ré is well known, however, many are unaware that there is plenty to do on this piece of paradise.
The art of doing nothing
Bathed in the Gulf Stream, the island has not been too hot and mild winter which makes it an ideal place to relax and enjoy good weather. Time for a weekend you will discover the secrets of this paradise.

Oysters are of course queens stalls in smaller markets on the island. However you can find throughout the year fresh from the sea to the delight your taste buds. You can also visit the salt and taste a potato peculiar to the island salty skin and sweet flesh.
Of course, the island is the kingdom of the bicycle so, forget the car opted for the local transport: the bicycle. For the more adventurous, you can try all water sports from windsurfing to stand up paddle. The calm waters make it a perfect place to spend and have a good time.
But there was more pleasant in the island is certainly indulge the rhythm of pedaling and stop when you feel like it. Whether to discover a traditional fishing harbor, a picturesque market or just watching time go sprawling on the hot sand in the sun of a summer that never seems to end.
Find where you host
Unfortunately, the accommodation on the island is limited. That is why to find a home on the island of Ré to spend your weekend or even longer holiday, it will take you in advance. Certainly, there are still camping offers a grass area for your tent, but during the high season, even these places are quiet stormed. Then imagine that it is impossible to find the real quality on the island of Ré during peak season without you go ahead.
Want to know more about this beautiful island please visit the official website of the Ile de Ré:

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